Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club

Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club 1st XI squad

1st XI

Captain : Manoj George

Vice Captain : James Wright

Debut: 2005
Batting; Right
Bowling; Left
Best league batting: 83 not out
Best league bowling: 5 for 44
Nickname: Jimmy
Favourite tipple: Ice cold Miller after a thumping victory!!
Most embarrassing cricketing moment: Went to field with a regulation long barrier, misjudged the roll and got smacked on the knee. Proceeded to roll around on the floor in agony for about 4 minutes, bringing with it the nickname, Jimmy "wooden leg" Wright!!
Best cricketing moment: 124* for Devon schoolboys Vs Warwickshire 1997 (we lost!)
Rakesh Alex


I got introduced to your club through Manoj geroge and James knows about me, I used to play for Welford park and Newbury cricket club until last season. I am batsman and an occasional leg break bowler.




Luke Anthony
Debut: 2008
Best league batting; 21
Best league bowling; 1-24
Favourite tipple; Strawberry daiquiri
Most embarrassing cricketing moment; Losing toss as captain and thought we had been asked to bowl first when infact they had elected to field themselves. Slightly embarrassing when 22 players took to the pitch to field 5 minutes later.
Best Cricket Moment; First century for club in Essex

ps Come to think of it I have quite a few more involving tossing up with a captain from a different game, no cricket tea / 2 teas turning up but will stick with the above for the time being.
Steve Ayers
Debut: 1991
Best league batting; 50
Best league bowling; 7 for 14
Favourite tipple; Just about any real ale Most embarrassing cricketing moment; Eating too many cream cakes, throwing up after the delivery stride and failing to see the batsman being caught at third man after the ball had ricochet'd off slips head! Best Cricket Moment; Hitting Graham Dilley for 6 at what was then known as Chartham Lunatic Asylum,. That was just 36 years ago, I was 17 and he was 2 years younger, I'm surprised his career ever recovered!!
Proudest Moment:  Watching the new square play like a proper cricket wicket !
Martin Dyson
right hand bat
right hand bowl
best batting 107 n.o
best bowling 5-8
Laurie Figzal
Ok Cricketer, better drinker
Matt Girle
matthew girle 16
Matt Harden



I am a friend of Joe Horsham,


would love to play a bit of cricket through the summer.

Thomas Millward
Cullinan was well known as being a bit of a bunny to Warne's bowling. The 2 hadn't played each other in some time so when Cullinan walked out to bat, Warne couldn't resist heckling him: "I've been waiting two years for another chance at you". Cullinan got him back with a ripper: "Looks like you spent it eating..." gotta love cricket banter!......
Geoff Paterson
Debut: Year: 1978 – yes I’m really that old!
Batting: Right
Bowling: Right
Best league batting; 104 no
Best league bowling; 8 – 14 V Windsor and Eton
Favourite tipple; Orange Juice!!
Most embarrassing cricketing moment; Too many to remember
Best cricketing moment; Winning league bowler of the year twice in a row
Peter Pratt
I haven't entered my date of birth as all anyone needs to know that is was a long time ago, my hair is very grey and I am overweight. Having said that, I pride myself in being a fair Umpire, even if I don't always get it right!! 
Andre Robberts
Keen sportsman loves playing golf & taking up cricket again. Played South-African schools cricket and played with a few famous Protea Cricketers at University for Stellenbosch!
Ian Rogers
left handed opener and keeper
Martin Sandland
Debut: Year: 1976
Batting; Right or left: RHB
Bowling; Right or left: Was RM now R very slow
Best league batting; 87* vs Sonning (H)
Best league bowling; 3 for ?
Favourite tipple: Magners
Most embarrassing cricketing moment: Standing next to Ezra Moseley (West Indies fast bowler) in the showers!
Best cricketing moment: Catching David Gower diving left handed at the Kensington Oval, Barbados
Harinder Sangha
All rounder bats at number 6 and bowl medium fast.
Abhishek Kumar Singh
Batsman + Spin bowler
Danny Spence
DEBUT YEAR: 1995 - 2nd 11 v Farley Hill BATTING: Right BOWLING: Right BEST LEAGUE BATTING: 120 against Emmbrook and Bearwood - we lost BEST LEAGUE BOWLING: So many to choose from, but felt best vs Binfield with a 4 - for, including one of the openers helmet into the wicket - my lucky day FAVOURITE TIPPLE: Lager MOST EMBARRASING CRICKET MOMENT: Not wiping properly after a particularly sticky moment and giving square leg a bit too much to look at while batting - if only we were playing in Staines... BEST CRICKETING MOMENT: Playing in the rain chasing 220 odd against Compton and getting the needed runs even though it was wet, cold and the sun had gone down...
Craig Strudley
Debut: Year: 1982
Batting; Right
Bowling; Right
Best league batting; 52 vs Pinkneys Green
Best league bowling; 9 for 21 vs Hawley, 19th July 2008
Nickname; Strazza
Favourite tipple; Anything alcoholic
Most embarrassing cricketing moment; Being bowled by my brother in the nets!
Best cricketing moment; A hat trick against Theale or the fifty - described as "perhaps the best innings of all time" in Wisden
Martin Turvey
Debut - just after the club was formed
Batting - right handed
Bowling - left arm optimistic
Best batting - the 52 overs at crown wood for 25 !!
Best bowling - rare event !
Nickname - Turvs - Mr T
Tipple - john smiths smooth - fosters gold -
Embarrassing moment in cricket - being carried from the pitch by Tim Waite after being renderred unable to walk (just leave it at that I think) - first ball duck at Emmer Green batting at 3 after watching nobby score 100+
Best cricket moment - playing for and skippering Hants disability squad - winning the county championship with Hampshire - representing Disability cricket nationally - batting for hours at Welford Park with Strazz to save the game!
Akshay Vithlani
Im 19, played cricket for school, wanted to get back into playing the sport. Huge fan of it. Can bat and bowl but havent played in a few so not 100% sure to what standard. 
Shyam Vithlani
I played for Strafield Turgis a couple if years ago. I am now back from university and looking to start playing cricket again. over the week-ends in June i may not be regularly avalible however i should be avalible for the majority of the sumer.
Ben Weller-Evans

Bowling: Right arm medium
Batting: Badly

Jon Wright
Older brother of James (Jimmy) Wright. Living in Sri Lanka but make annual visits to UK. Have played a few games for STHW and have enjoyed the atmosphere always. Nice ground, nice people.
Enjoy: Golf, books and beer.
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