Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club

Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club Indoor squad


Captain : Vaughan Van Der Linde

Martin Dyson
right hand bat
right hand bowl
best batting 107 n.o
best bowling 5-8
Peter Pratt
I haven't entered my date of birth as all anyone needs to know that is was a long time ago, my hair is very grey and I am overweight. Having said that, I pride myself in being a fair Umpire, even if I don't always get it right!! 
Ian Rogers
left handed opener and keeper
Martin Turvey
Debut - just after the club was formed
Batting - right handed
Bowling - left arm optimistic
Best batting - the 52 overs at crown wood for 25 !!
Best bowling - rare event !
Nickname - Turvs - Mr T
Tipple - john smiths smooth - fosters gold -
Embarrassing moment in cricket - being carried from the pitch by Tim Waite after being renderred unable to walk (just leave it at that I think) - first ball duck at Emmer Green batting at 3 after watching nobby score 100+
Best cricket moment - playing for and skippering Hants disability squad - winning the county championship with Hampshire - representing Disability cricket nationally - batting for hours at Welford Park with Strazz to save the game!
James Wright
Debut: 2005
Batting; Right
Bowling; Left
Best league batting: 83 not out
Best league bowling: 5 for 44
Nickname: Jimmy
Favourite tipple: Ice cold Miller after a thumping victory!!
Most embarrassing cricketing moment: Went to field with a regulation long barrier, misjudged the roll and got smacked on the knee. Proceeded to roll around on the floor in agony for about 4 minutes, bringing with it the nickname, Jimmy "wooden leg" Wright!!
Best cricketing moment: 124* for Devon schoolboys Vs Warwickshire 1997 (we lost!)
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