Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club

Operating Procedure for Club Nets (from June 2020)

Operating Procedure for Club Nets

Stratfield Turgis Cricket Club          

Safeguarding Policy for COVID-19


Club name

Stratfield Turgis and Hartley Wespall CC


Reintroduction of club cricket practice

In accordance with latest ECB directive 5th June

Responsible person

Luke Anthony


6th June 2020



The key update in the guidance is the allowance of small group sizes (now up to six individuals) but please read all of the following information.

The aim of this document is to further enable the restart of cricket practice at the club including use of the fixed outdoor nets whilst keeping all club members safe.


ECB Summary of guidelines for outdoor cricket facilities use: 

  • For all activity, social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (except between members of the same household).
  • Playing cricket individually is permitted e.g. practice of individual cricket skills or fitness activities.
  • Playing cricket with people living in your household is permitted.
  • Small group cricket activity, training or fitness in groups of no more than six (6), is permitted, keeping two (2) metres apart at all times.
  • Cricket coaches, can now undertake small group sessions of up to six (6) people including the coach (1:5) and they must comply with ECB safeguarding policies (as well as being able to conduct one-to-one coaching).
  • Nets should be used on an ‘every other’ basis, leaving one net free between nets. Note that for nets within a security fence, occupancy numbers could be limited by social distancing requirements.
  • It is permissible for two or more groups of six (6) to train at the same time provided they are kept separate, and social distancing and strict hygiene measures are observed. However, clubs should carry out a risk assessment to determine the maximum capacity for their facility that can be achieved safely whilst maintaining social distancing and not exceeding the current limits on training group size.
  • Clubhouses can be reopened in a limited way for operational reasons (e.g. for access to first aid equipment) or for toilet access (see below) but all communal areas including bar, changing rooms etc. are to remain closed for general use.
  • Toilet facilities can be opened if the venue wishes, but particular care should be taken by those using them and those cleaning them. Where they are open, venues must ensure soap and water is provided and they are cleaned regularly.
  • No indoor cricket activity at all.
  • We recommend using your own equipment if possible. If equipment is being shared, please follow UK Government’s guidance on the sharing of equipment. Players should stick to using one ball in training either by bringing their own or being assigned a numbered ball that is cleaned in between sessions.
  • No saliva or sweat should be applied to the ball at any time.
  • Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.


Operating procedure for club nets at Stratfield:

  1. Net facility made available for club members only
  2. All sessions need to be booked, absolutely no access to facility outside of authorised bookings
  3. Individuals when booking must check for symptoms of Covid-19 and in line with current Government guidance - if they are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if they are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, they should remain at home and follow Government guidance.
  4. Sessions to be 60 minutes duration
  5. A minimum gap of 15 minutes between sessions to avoid any cross-over of players
  6. Only single lane to be used
  7. 6 people are able to use the nets at any one time from different households
  8. Social distancing of 2 metres to be observed at all times, unless participants are of the same household
  9. You must use your own equipment and not share
  10. 10.You must use disinfectant cleaning product on all surfaces handled at the end of the session particularly around the lock and door handle.You must also then confirm by email that you have carried out this sanitisation
  11. 11.You must wash your hands with hot soap and water prior to and after using the facility
  12. 12.The clubhouse will remain closed

The Booking Process:

  1. Go to and click on a suitable date/time. Press the ‘Book It’ button at the foot of the page.
  2. Enter your name and email address and click on the ‘Finalize’ button.
  3. You will receive 2 emails.  A) Is a calendar invitation which includes a .ICS file should you wish to copy the details to your calendar. B) Is a confirmation of the booking date & time.  DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL as it contains the access code and is required for step 6 below.
  4. Prior to attending your booked session, it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with these Operating Procedures (page 1) that will ensure the safety of everyone.  These can be seen on the Club’s website at:
  5. After your net session (max of 1 hr) sanitise everything you touched especially the door lock, handle and stumps.
  6. Once you have finished sanitising, reply to the confirmation email (i.e. email B above) confirming that you have attended and have sanitised the area. 


You are representing the Club, it is essential that you adhere to the guidelines from ECB and are shown to be acting responsibly and safely.


Important information:  You are responsible for the safety of the players during your session.  In addition to COVID-19 requirements you must ensure that players are wearing the correct protective equipment.

The booking process and the confirmation email regarding sanitisation will be monitored by the Committee.  If you fail to adhere to this process you may be prevented from using the net facilities in the future.


We hope you enjoy your cricket practice.  STAY ALERT