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Online Scorer & Umpire Courses 2022

23 Dec 2021

At the AGM, The Berkshire Cricket League committed to step up our quest to improve our umpiring and scoring standards for 2022. 

Apart from external recruitment and training of independent officials, we are asking all club officials, team Captains, players, and club members to update their knowledge and skills by undertaking the relevant online programmes.

Scoring (link below)

The ECB ACO ‘basic’ online scorer programme takes a couple of hours to complete.

Umpires (link below)

The MCC Laws online programme consists of 6 modules of text, video and questions, which take up to 6 hours to complete. It can be completed in one session or in small chunks. After the final module there is a multiple choice test to produce a certificate of completion.

To be eligible for bonus points in 2022 umpires and scorers or players and supporters will need to be 1. Registered with the League, 2. Competent, and 3. Current where:

1. Registered means registered with the League using the BCL online registration form no later than 31st March 2022.

Link to BCL registration form:


2. Competent means having a certificate of completion that must be downloaded from the relevant website and a copy provided to the League Secretary. 

Online e-learning programmes - to meet the competency requirement

Captains, Players, Scorers, and Umpires can register for:

The ECB ACO ‘basic’ scorer course using the link below:

Register for the MCC online Laws of Cricket programme using the link below:

To achieve an MCC certificate of completion

  • Create an account. 
  • A password will be returned within 48 hours
  • Complete each module and take the final multiple-choice test
  • Download a pdf Certificate
  • Email copy of the certificate to

A ‘Certificate of Completion’ is valid with the BCL for 3 years. Previous Certificates dated after 1st April 2019 will be valid for the 2022 season.


3. Current means that individuals must have attended a BCL pre-season workshop to receive Law and Rules updates. 

All registrations recorded by the 31st March 2022 will be invited to attend a pre-season workshop.

2022 league matches where teams cannot provide a scorer or umpire will be awarded penalty points for their team.

Any questions contact:


Eddie Lunn

Chairman, BCL

0774 060 5441