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Our Dear Old Scoreboard......

02 Nov 2020

OUR DEAR OLD SCOREBOARD has seen many seasons of cricket on The Green.  No-one appears to know how and when our old buddy first appeared to subsequently record the ups-and-downs of the club’s fortunes.**

Unfortunately, the ravages of English winters together with scorching from an unyielding sun, mean that our friend is looking extremely ragged and needing some urgent refurbishment in order to prevent terminal disintegration. 

ALL IS NOT LOST HOWEVER: In line with our policy of workshare within the club, we hope for any member(s) or readers to offer to assess and undertake the work - which will ensure continued use next season. (Full assistance from the committee and all necessary expenses covered). This will enable us to bridge the gap before the arrival of a new clubhouse (and possibly a digital scoreboard) - at which time we can look to give our friend a dignified resting place. 

Volunteer(s) - please contact Martin Turvey at

 All HELPFUL suggestions and comments will be welcomed.

**Does anyone have any details of our scoreboard’s origins?