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Notice Regarding use of our Cricket Nets: 29th March 2020

29 Mar 2020

Notice Regarding use of our Cricket Nets: 29th March 2020

Dear All,

A number of members and non-members have asked whether they can use our practice facilities during the current Coronavirus crisis. The considered answer from our Committee is as follows:-


These are difficult and disappointing times for everyone.  Our general approach is to encourage cricket, especially youth activity, and it is thus ironic that we are unable to agree to your suggestion at this time.

1. ECB say all recreational cricket is on hold, including training and associated activity.  We’ve imposed a strict ‘no-use’ code on our members and it would be unfair for them to see other people using our facilities, and we could be castigated for going against our governing body’s advice.

2.  We’d have no insurance cover should physical damage to the nets occur, and do not wish to be held liable for physical personal injury occurring on our property.

3.  Our Club protocol is that for Juniors we insist on trained coaches being present at all times.

4. Probably most importantly we should not be encouraging any social gathering until government advice says otherwise.

We shall endeavour to cut the grass on the cricket square to a manageable length (in order to bring it back into service once the crisis is over).  We request that the square is deemed out of bounds to everyone at this time.

I am sorry to be the bearer of depressing news!

Kind regards

Steve Ayers, Hon Secretary on behalf of the Committee

Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall CC